Webinar Q & A : How UnitedHealth Group personalized their digital customer experience with Sitecore

We would like you to thank you for attending the webinar on “How UnitedHealth Group personalized their digital customer experience with Sitecore” . we are really excited to have over 300 attendees and to answer the questions post webinar.

However we received questions after the webinar  and we would like to share the questions and answers here in this blog.

Q : how do you implement nurturing, scoring automation marketing for b2c, and B2B with Sitecore?

Ans :  At UHG, we have implemented nurturing and scoring automation marketing using Sitecore’s Experience Platform(Formerly known as DMS) plus Salesforce CRM. Using the Salesforce Connector (S4S Connector) we connected the Sitecore CMS with the Salesforce CRM, providing a bridge for information to be passed back and forth seamlessly between these 2 systems.

Scenario : The network with us form, (http://careers.unitedhealthgroup.com/network-with-us) which accepts prospective hire information, is passed on to the salesforce CRM, based on various parameters:

  • User was targeted via  Sitecore Campaign (Marketing event)
  • User navigated to the site as an organic  visitor
  • User content browsing history suggested they fill out the form (Sitecore User Profiling)

Now when a user submits his/her information, based on the above criteria, the user is pushed into various buckets and from there they are marketed to directly. We also record the visits this user made, application submitted and campaigns triggered etc.. This helps us personalize the users repeat visits.

Toolset Used

  • Sitecore : Goals, Campaigns, Engagement Plans, Profiling
  • Salesforce : Contacts Record, Campaign Tracker

Q : Did you have any issues tuning DMS?  Have you experienced any performance issues?

Ans : Yes, we did have issues while working with DMS.

Maxmind web service Issue : UHG used maxmind for their GEO-IP lookup.

ISSUE 1 : The web service would not return a value on the initial visit and BOTS would consume enormous amount of web service queries.

Resolution : We forced the Webservice to get a value and cache the value in a cookie to persist the visitor. The Analytics.AutoDetectBots parameter was set to true to block unwanted robot traffic.

ISSUE 2 : Sitecore reports would take a long time to load in Sitecore CMS

Resolution : Rebuild indexes, truncated database tables and suggested spinning up an reporting database. The reporting database was not needed once the indexes and truncation were complete.

ISSUE3 : Removing / archiving old data from the Sitecore Analytics Database

Resolution : Create a custom routine to clear the analytics data

Q:It was metioned that you used GA instead of Sitecore Campagns for tracking from the military site?  What drove that decision?

UHG purchases a lot of Google AD Words for their SEM campaigns.  The campaigns for GA are also tied to various other systems at UHG, so these dependencies led to the GA decision. However, we use Sitecore Campaigns in conjunction with GA to achieve our desired results

Q: Is sitecore on the “careers” subdomain?

Yes, The Careers Web Site (CWS)  is on Sitecore, Below is a list of few Sites on Sitecore

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