HI Women: Renee Reuper, Director of Project Management

reneeMarch is Women’s History Month, and Sunday, March 8 served as International Women’s Day. We’re celebrating by profiling some of the women who make HI what it is—a company that holds our culture as sacred as the services we offer.

“I was the first project manager at HI,” Renee says. “Right now we have six.” Renee Reuper is the Director of Project Management. She helps coordinate resource planning with the leads of other departments and their teams. She enjoys the projects that come across her desk: “I like the work that we do. It’s not emails or banners or things we turn around quickly. We put time into it. We’re a very smart, intelligent group of people. We’re very proud of what we deliver.”

Renee doesn’t confine her work to projects for clients, though. Many of the office events that are the source of HI pride come straight from the mind of Renee. She coordinates lunches between departments, holiday events and a very special Halloween performance of canine trick-or-treating. “The dog costume contests are my favorite,” she says.

Company culture is a big concern for Renee. When she’s part of a new hire process, her number one question is, “Are they a good culture fit?” She looks for an employee who works smart and who isn’t pretentious about the work they do. “I come from agencies where you work 70, 80 hours a week. Here, you don’t get overtaxed, and there’s no ego. Here, we all chip in and help out.”

Renee’s very modest about her hobbies. “I like to paint and do stupid stuff,” she says, passing around photos of her handmade storage ottomans and framed prints. She’s also conquered breast cancer and participates in charity runs. But her biggest brag? “I brought in a coffee maker that everyone knows how to use.” This angelic act has touched the hearts and stomachs of everyone at HI.

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