HI Women: Rebecca Olby, Front-End Developer

RebeccaOlbyMarch is Women’s History Month, and Sunday, March 8 served as International Women’s Day. We’re celebrating by profiling some of the women who make HI what it is—a company that holds our culture as sacred as the services we offer.

Rebecca’s department calls her the office mom. “I have a drawer in my file cabinet that has everything you could possibly imagine. Deodorant, Tylenol, lotion—everything.” The office dogs have also taken note of her supplies: “I love making animals happy. Treats make them very happy.”

It’s appropriate that she has a family-like relationship with her coworkers since it was a cousin that got her into web development in the first place. He’s a back-end developer, and when Rebecca came to visit him, she got to watch him work. “I thought it looked interesting, and he said he had the perfect school for me. In another two weeks, I was signed up for an associate’s degree.” The rest of her family lives near Lake Superior, and Rebecca’s always happy to make the journey to see them. “Most of my time outside work,” she says, “I’m traveling. A lot of time goes to my family.”

She’s continued to hone her skills and her HI relationships. “I love my position, and I love my department. We all get along excellent…we work well together; we have interesting things to work on. We’re constantly learning—which is what I like to do.” Prior to coming on board with HI she worked as a freelancer, but she’s happier here: “Everything that they offer here, you can’t get anywhere else,” she says. “Working from home, you don’t get the interaction. You don’t get the knowledge without the interaction.”

Her intense attention to detail also serves her well. “I exceed in the organization department,” she says. “I like backups to my backups.” The meticulousness is part of the appeal of web development. She describes her process as, “Do it, break it, fix it, break it, fix it.”

When she’s home, she likes to get her hands dirty. She enjoys gardening, particularly flowerbeds. “I’m 100 percent a country girl. Playing outside—the dirtier, the better. In the suburbs, there aren’t muddy people. In the summer, I like as much outdoor time as I can get.”

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