Meet Our Intern

bridgetIt’s been hard to find time to talk to Bridget, our new intern—she’s been too busy getting into everything we do. We managed to lure her away for a quick Q&A while we watched the geese.

What draws you to the agency side of things?
I love the creative aspect. I had a great experience at Starkey, and I learned a lot, but I want to explore working with different clients and different people. I want to get my hands in it all.

What do you want to learn while you’re here?
I want to touch all the areas of the agency and get as much exposure as I can. Right now, I want to pursue a career in account management, but that could change as I learn more about the industry. I also hope to learn more about all the components that go into digital marketing.

Do you like the internship job path?
I think an internship is a great learning experience. You have the chance to learn about all the areas of the business instead of focusing on one role. I hope I get a full-time job soon. I can’t be an intern forever!

How do you feel about the job market?
I’m hopeful. I’m happy that I even have an internship right now because I know it can be hard for recent grads. But I think if you keep trying, you’ll get something. You have to work at it.

Do you do stuff outside of work?
Right now I live at home with my family, so I love hanging out with them and my dog. I like being outside and on the lake with my friends. I travel a lot, and I love photography.

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