Web Deploy just stops working after working for weeks

After setting up deployment using web deploy on all our environments (continuous integration, QA, and production), all of a sudden web deploy stopped working on production. Of course, I was under the gun to deploy for a client review and so bummed and baffled by why something that was working, just quit working. I guessed that some user password probably expired since that’s a common issue when things just quit working, but for me, the trickiest part was getting visibility into the new virtual user “WebDeployAdmin” created by installations with no trace in normal user management only from IIS manager, Management section “IIS Manage Users”.

Thank goodness for the details from this blog that helped me resolve the issue and for my colleague Dan Shoenberg for alerting me to the blog:

To summarize, here is what I had to do in my case to update expired passwords on virtual and real users.
First, update the password on these two users and set them to not expire:
Second, update the password on “WebDeployAdmin” from IIS mananager, Management section “IIS Manage Users” as shown below:
That’s all I needed to do to get through this hurdle and on to the easy deployment with web deploy.

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