Sitecore Commerce Connect: Product Pricing

In this post I’ll be demonstrating how to retrieve product pricing using Sitecore Commerce Connect. As with other Commerce Connect features the details of determining pricing is left up to the implementer. The preferred way to determine product pricing is by patching a processor into the appropriate pipeline. This processor will then take request inputs and either... Continue Reading →

Sitecore’s History Engine part 2

Last year I wrote a post quickly describing the use of Sitecore’s HistoryManager. Well a lot’s happened since then and I thought I’d post a quick update. I’ve re-worked some of the code that’s been used and re-used as an extension of Sitecore’s Database class and thought I would share in case others find it as... Continue Reading →

A brief look at the Sitecore HistoryManager

In my previous post I explored a couple of options to tap into publishing events in Sitecore. While this gave you a foothold into the publishing processes, chances are you’ll want a little more information in order to meet your requirements. Enter the HistoryManager. A lot of what you’ll read here came from a post... Continue Reading →

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