Sitecore Glass Mapper Get Target Object Of Lamba Exception

I have come across a problem with Sitecore Glass Mapper Model does not allow Modifications of the image fields in the sitecore edit mode (Experience Editor) and throws the following error(Glass.Mapper.Utilities.GetTargetObjectOfLamba). at Glass.Mapper.Utilities.GetTargetObjectOfLamba[T](Expression`1 field, T model, MemberExpression& memberExpression)   at Glass.Mapper.Sc.GlassHtml.MakeEditable[T](Expression`1 field, Expression`1 standardOutput, T model, Object parameters, Context context, Database database, TextWriter writer) The Sitecore... Continue Reading →

How to override Sitecore publish wizard Form

The Sitecore publishing form sometimes needs to be modified with some custom messages, warnings and other custom functionalities like sending emails of the selected options in the publish form. In this blog, I am going to show how we can customize the Sitecore publish wizard form using Sitecore API and custom xml forms. There are... Continue Reading →

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