Sitecore Serialization – Hack

A seasoned Sitecore developer would have come across “Sitecore Serialization” and certainly it’s a feature that always comes to rescue when large items are to be moved across environments or databases. In this blog post I will be sharing a hack related to Sitecore Serialization as it might help anyone else on the community. Lot... Continue Reading →

Sitecore UserName & Password Hardening

All organizations have processes & procedures in place to reduce the surface of vulnerability. One of the way to reduce attacks typically includes having a password policy and Sitecore Experience Platform is no exception to it. The way by which one installs Sitecore and configure has a significant effect on the security of a website.... Continue Reading →

Query Sitecore xDB MongoDatabases Part 1

Mongo databases are integral part of Sitecore xDB and they are the main data stores for the Sitecore Experience Platform. Experience Analytics, Experience Profile and Experience Optimization all in a way or other depends on Mongo databases. It always good to have some hands-on queries related to mongo in case troubleshooting or understanding of sitecore... Continue Reading →

Sitecore Sitemap XML

Sitecore Sitemap XML module is one of the brilliant Sitecore Marketplace module. We have been using it frequently in many of our Sitecore implementations and it works seamlessly. Here I would like to share a side effect of this module which we encountered today. We all have lower environments other than PRODUCTION i.e DEV, QA,... Continue Reading →

Mongo Backup and Restore

While working on Sitecore at times one can come across a simple task for backing up and restoring mongo databases. Did that made you think? Why me? It should have been done by a DBA. Let’s ignore Mr. Anger from your Inside Out and learn how to do that. To me the task seemed simple... Continue Reading →

Sitecore Dedicated Publishing Instance

Recently while working on a project we configured a dedicated Publishing Instance for Sitecore. The decision to configure it was made looking at the volume of the items that were supposed to be published which were in huge numbers and we do not wanted the content authors to feel the slowness on the content management... Continue Reading →

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